April 4, 2010

Benefit Beauty Bestsellers Review


I made this video on a whim, hence no-makeup and PJs!!! The package includes: 'some kind-a gorgeous' 'that gal' 'high beam' 'posie tint'. If I had to get one out of all four it would have to be the tint. It gives you the perfect natural pink color for cheeks or lips. it's non-greasy and has a good staying power. The foundation is nice, but not for people that have troubled skin since it will just even your skin out without covering anything. The high beam is also nice if you are looking for a highlighter. The face primer is my least favorite out of the four, mainly because it sort of stinks when you put it on your face and after couple of hours it can make your skin little bit oily. Nonetheless, all four products are worth a try, especially if you can find this travel size package. Good luck and hope this review helps you in some way!!

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