February 23, 2012

Michael Kors Wallet

My search for the perfect wallet had been going on for about two years now and I am so glad to have found the exact style and look I was going for. Michael Kors Jet Set Continental Wallet has just enough room for your cards, change, and receipts, the softest leather you can imagine and the smoothest zipper I have used so far, with the perfect amount of gold hardware. To protect the leather, the sales woman suggested I get their leather cleaner; which I so obediently did because I want to be able to use this wallet for couple of years with minimum scratches. I think of it as an investment! ;-)

While I was in the store, I fell madly in love with this bag here, but thankfully remembered that I just made my student loan payment!! Wouldn't that bag be the perfect year around handbag that could fit almost anything!?!? Maybe some other time... ;-)

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  1. Love this wallet! Looks really sleek. I need a new wallet too. I really want a mustard colored wallet but black or tan is just easier bc it goes with everything. Do you know a place where I can find nice ones that are not too expensive? Online or store? Thanks!

  2. Hey Sana! I have to say it's one the best investments i've made. It's such a pleasure to use because of how soft the leather is and because of the smooth zipper. I am really enjoying it. I agree, I wanted to get a bright red of an emerald green wallet but i figured if i'm spending so much on a wallet it should be something classic. I would say look at ASOS.com. I have gotten few handbags from them before and like their quality ESP since the price point is not that high. =) Thanks for the comment!! <3