January 11, 2010

Dry, Chapped Lips?

Every year as the winter season hits and the air gets dry; my lips start to peel profusely. It also doesn’t help that my H2O intake is forever to a minimum. In the past couple of years I’ve tried many lip products, home remedies, and I have finally found a good combination to keep my lips hydrated and kissable… however the kissing record has been quiet low, but that’s a whole n’other story that we will keep for another day!

Ok so, luscious lips. Yes, you can have them too! First of all, you have GOT to add some water in your system. Even though we get a good amount of water throughout the day from our regular food; we still need at least 8 glasses of water a day. WHAA!?!?! Annoying. I know, but you’ve gots to drink water. Start slowly; keep a water bottle with you wherever you go and seeing the bottle will always remind you to take a sip; next thing you know you are refilling your bottle!! WHOAA!! Also, if you are like and aren’t too keen on drinking plain water then add a flavored mix into it. You can find these small pouches at any grocery store for cheap and they usually have several different flavors to choose from. Drinking enough water will not only keep your lips hydrated, it will also cleanse your body from the inside and make your skin glow!!

Secondly, you’ve gots to apply some sort of lip conditioner like it’s the only thing that will get you into heaven. These are my favorites: Palmer Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick (yes, it looks like a glue stick and yes everyone makes fun of me for it), Vaseline Lip Therapy, and for day time I love Jack Black’s Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 (actually made for men which makes it even cooler to use… it’s like prohibited or something!!!! lol). I know these aren’t the most expensive or glamorous choices, but TRUST ME when I say that these WORK!! I have tried the ones that cost you an arm and a leg and in the end I always come back to using these.

For those who really want a tinted lip conditioner: you can put the Vaseline’s Lip Therapy or Jack Black’s Lip Balm into a small container and add a liquid cheek tint to it. Mix well and have fun!!!

Hope this helps and if there is anything else you would like to read about or would want me to do a review of please feel free to let me know! =)
In case you go out looking for these:

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  1. Do one about the contours of the face and how to emphasize different areas. ok thanks bye

  2. I prefer Lubriderm sensitive skin therapy.

    Because I matter.


  3. Simran - i'm working on it =)
    FTX - i've never tried that one, but maybe i'll try it now! thanks! =)