November 23, 2009

Prime them eyes!

Hello! =)

Having trouble with those eyeshadow colors not showing on your lids? or worse do they creasing? Do you wonder how all these makeup guru's get their eye shadows to show up so well? Here is your answer: EYESHADOW PRIMER!! I used to think it was just one of those 'extra' things makeup guru's did, but after using it myself I realized it makes a HUGE difference!! However, most good primers cost somewhere around $17-$20. Soooo of course I had to find a way to save that money so I can spend it on better things like... FOOD!

Alright, I got the recipe from google. It doesn't ask you to add powder foundation, but I prefer a bit thicker consistency and this way it dries faster... I wasn't trying to wait an hour before I can start my eye makeup!! Here are the things you are going to need:

Powder Foundation
Liquid Foundation or Concealer
Body Butter
Cute Container

If the above video doesn't work, you can go here:
Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions or cool ideas for my future posts.
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