November 8, 2009


Hello =)

Rain, rain go away. Come again some other day! It's rainy and cold outside and all i'm planning on doing today is some drawing/painting, my blog, eating lots of food and napping through out the day. mmmmm sounds like a perfect day to me!!!

Last time I used MAC was when I was in high school, but then stopped because it would always turn my skin ashy... ew!! who wants THAT!?! not me. BUT recently i've been reading great reviews about some of it's products sooo I did some research and bought few products (I barely buy anything without reading consumer reviews first). The reason I wanted new makeup was because my old foundation from Cargo that used to be the perfect color, seems to dry me out and make me look like I have makeup on; which to me means it's time for a change. Foundation should perfect your skin by making it look flawless and natural, not make it look like you have tons of makeup on!! Right? right. My only concern now is that for SOME people the Mac Mineralized Skinfinish Natural can be a cause for... ACNE!!!! YIKES. I will test this out for you guys because that's the kind of person I am. giving and sacrificing. LOL yeah right!!!

Alright, so the Mac MSN I got in medium dark which is sliiiightly darker than my skin tone, but it makes me look healthy. Doesn't look cakey at all, but if you want a lot of coverage this isn't the right product. The lady at the counter told me it was 'buildable coverage'... yeah if you want to look like the Joan Rivers. erm... that's mean, but you get the point. If you put too much on to get coverage it starts to look really cakey and no one wants that. I would think of it as a tinted moisturizer or as a finishing powder. I also got the Mineralized Blush in Hand Finish... they are trying to copy Nars Blush names (orgasm, deep throat) to be honest it seems a bit sleazy to me. Anyhow, the color is light pink with hints of gold and it gives me a GLOW. However, you don't see much color; which I don't mind because I have tons of matte blushes that I can layer underneath. My third purchase was a lipstick. YES, a lipstick. I have NEVER in my life bought a lipstick and last time I wore one was at the age of 5 when i tried wearing my moms and got disgusted by the taste of it. I got it because the lady at the counter sort of made me try it and to be honest it looked nice with some gloss on top (gross). Yeah, I have problem with lip stuff. Anyways, I got it but later exchanged it for another color because the color I got initially *velvet teddy* was a bit too brown for me. Now, I have *honey love* that's pretty close to my natural lip color (although, in the picture below it's looks way too brown). Last but not least, I got eye shadows. I wanted to have a palette that would contain colors I could get tons of use out of. The colors I bought: Greensmoke, Brown Down, All That Glitters, and Pink Venus. With these four colors I can come up with so many different looks!!!!

I also got the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, but I will do a review after i've used it a couple of times and so far I haven't had to use it since I don't wear eye shadows unless it's a special occasion.

Here are some pictures:

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  1. This post amused me. I don't wear much makeup but I'm a sucker for lip gloss. Guess we're kind of opposite? :) I have the Nars orgasm lip gloss and whenever one of my friends asks me the name when I'm wearing it I have to step in close and whisper it in their ear...

  2. damn hot love mac cosmatics:)