October 30, 2009


Hello =)

This will be a quick overview of the items I purchased from Target today. The reason why i'm sharing these is because everything is so cheap yet has great quality.

First, I got this really pretty and delicate necklace for about $14. I probably wear this all the time with my other 3 hearts necklace.

Okay so, I don't know how to do eye makeup. at all. I am now forcing myself to learn how to do simple stuff so I won't always look so BLAH. I have in the past gotten more expensive eye makeup stuff but I never use any of it so I figured i'll buy something cheap to experiment. This was about $5. =) The colors seemed pretty.

a bit more clearer picture

haha I tried to do swatches on my arm but they came out a bit light; which makes me think that's how they will be on my eyes. So, if you are looking for high pigmented colors, this isn't it.

I have recently FALLEN IN LOVE with Indie Pink color. It is SO pretty and def not in the 'too girly' type of way. It's elegant pretty and I LOVE it. I can't help myself when I see something in this color now. saw this tank and had to get it because it was sooo cheap!!! $8!!! great for layering since it's so long!!

NOW, to my favourite purchase.
Target has these new cotton T-shirts that have REALLLY pretty stuff on them. this was the only one that I could find in my size, but there were 4 more styles/colors that were also really cute. I love grey for clothes and this is perfect to wear underneath the long cardigans that are in style!!!

Trying to get a good picture for you guys!!

Really want you to see the pretty details!!!!
I also got the Redken All Soft shampoo, conditioner, and the Hot Tools 1.5" curling iron, but those I have to use first before I do a review on them!!!
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  1. Hey they're selling shirts like that at JCrew for $50!! Thanks for the tip, i'll head to Target ASAP