October 12, 2009

Work Bags

Many of us, fail to realize that our work bag is just as important as the clothes or shoes we wear everyday. You will take your bag with you everywhere you go, from lunch meetings to corporate meetings to conferences; which is why it needs to be versatile. It should be professional yet should show a hint of your style. Since you use this bag at work, it shouldn't be too loud (unless your work environment is super laid back and promotes creativity). Try to find something that covers these 3 very important aspects: POWERFUL, PRACTICAL, and ELEGANT. People tend to find the structured bags more powerful, however you want to make sure that it's practical and can easily contain all the things you need to carry with you. It should have pockets and such to keep you organized and lastly it should be elegant and classy. Here are some examples that I thought were good for different styles:

Prada 2009

Kooba Pleated Bucket Bag

Chloe Heloise Hobo Bag

Chloe Paraty Python Tote

Chloe Shelby Shoulder Bag

Fendi 2009

* You don't have to spend TONS of money to get the perfect bag. There are plenty of look alikes out there and as far as you follow the above guidelines you will be able to find a super fabulous bag for work! =) Good Luck!!

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