October 1, 2009

Jennifer Aniston's Style

She is someone with a great style, casual yet classy. I don't love her acting, but her style I do like. =)

Here she accessorized very nicely. Just perfect amount of jewelry to enhance the outfit. Also, make sure what you wear is appropriate for the occasion.

Below, you can see her in jeans, a dress, and shorts! All three styles done perfectly. Notice how she tends to keep things to a minimum and tends to use solid colors that suit her skin tone and is mostly likely comfortable wearing.

See how things fit her perfectly! I love big scarfs! She looks, simple, classy, and COZY! =)

Here she is pulling casual while wearing a suit jacket. Learn how you are comfortable layering. Love her bag!!

Important note: Jennifer Aniston's style is great, but i'm sure most of the credit goes to ger stylist!!! If only I could afford one! haha Nonetheless, we can achive same results if we just figure out own style and how to shop for it! (read the previous post for tips!) Good Luck!

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