October 16, 2009

Zipia & Gap Mix

I recently got my order in the mail from zipia, so I decided to do a post including some pieces. Below I mixed zipia jackets with Gap and Limited pants to form some work appropriate outfits. While doing this I realized how important accessories are to an outfit. Note how some outfits don't look complete because i'm not holding a bag or lack of jewelry. I clearly am a bad model, hence the awkward poses. I tried to use the same pieces over and over to show you how one piece can be used in different ways.
Zipia jacket and bag, Gap pants, Forever21 belt and tank top.

Zipia jacket, Gap pants, Forever21 belt and tank top, Pakistani scarf, Coach handbag.

Zipia jacket, Gap pants, Forever21 belt and tank top, Coach handbag.

Zipia jacket and handbag, Limited pants and tank top, H&M belt.

Zipia jacket, Limited jeans and belt, Via Spiga handbag, H&M T-shirt

Zipia shirt and handbag, Gap Pants, Green Shoes.

Zipia cardigan, Gap pants, Forever21 tank top, Limited belt and necklace.
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  1. Heyy this is just what I need! Someone to show me step by step how to look stylish with a few basic pieces!