October 1, 2009

Find your own style!


This is the best article I could find on how to find your own style in few easy steps. Of course, I had to added and subtracted a ton because I wanted to give you my point of view. Hope it help!! =)

1. Have a vision, but keep an open mind. Search online, through fashion magazines and observe others for intriguing aspects. If you find something you like, find or take a picture of it. Know who you are and what you like, you can get ideas from your hobbies, the music, or the kind of art you like. Not everyone who is girly likes to wear miniskirts and not wearing skirts won’t make you a tom boy. Disregard the influence of friends and media. But, if you see something you like, feel free to copy; just don't make yourself a clone of them. Mix it up and make it YOURS.

2. Choose signature colors and patterns, but learn how to mix them up with everything else. Don’t be one of those people who wear all black and won’t try any other colors. Adding your favorite color to your outfit will help you personalize your look!

3. Combine styles. Don't be afraid to mix and match from previous seasons. Try wearing a 50's dress with a 70's belt, or wearing a tie-dye shirt with plaid shorts.... okay maybe not the second one, but you get the idea. Combine it to make it YOURS.

4. Add accessories and mix them up. Try a string of pearls with another necklace, or patterned stockings or multiple bangles. Having a signature accessory, like a necklace can also be a fun way to personalize your look.

5. Be creative. Enhance certain aspects of your physique with each new outfit. For instance, if you're short, try wearing vertical pinstripes. Layering is also a fun way to experiment.

6. Shop carefully. Find the right fit. No matter what you are wearing if it doesn’t fit you properly, it will make you look uncomfortable and outdated. Also, try wearing an obscure brand. It may be less expensive, and nobody else will have it. Try yard sales or the flea market, and thrift stores, too. Look for rare designs and fabrics. Have a swap party with your friends!!!!

7. Be comfortable. Enjoy what you wear. Choose ideas that are easy to change and easy to maintain that you like wearing.

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