October 14, 2009

Must Haves for Winter 2009

Here are some of the 'Must Haves' for this winter:

  • Tailored Jackets that can be worn at work with pants or on the weekends with jeans. This is a super cute look and i'll definately be wearing lots of jackets!! =)

  • It's the time of the year to drink hot chocolate, sit in front of the fire with a book while looking put together and sophisticated with Cashmere Cashmere and more Cashmere.

  • Look tall-ER with platform heels - just make sure they are comfortable to walk in other wise you will be in pain and TRUST ME... it will show on your face!!

  • Find the perfect Over The Knee boots that you can wear with skirts, jeans, pants, and dresses!! These will make you look like you walked right off the runway!

  • Military details are super hot these days. However, I prefer a hint of this style otherwise it looks like you are trying too hard!!

  • You don't have to have a bike to pull this look off!! Leather jackets can really pull your weekend look together. Tip: try to find the PERFECT fit and make sure the leather is soft and not too shiny.

  • Wanna bring sexy back? Try wearing lace!! It can be a lace dress like the one shown below or a shirt with lacy details or a lacy camisole under a jacket/cardigan. Just make sure it's classy and not trashy!

  • Strong Shoulders. Yes, they are back! Great to rock this look at work where you want to look powerful like you can carry the world on your... shoulders!! Warning: you might want to skip this one if you already have wide shoulders, don't wanna look like a football player!!

  • My Fav: Cardigans!! You can never go wrong with wearing cardigans. Wear all sorts of colors, styles, textures with pants at work or jeans on the weekends. Mix and match and have lots of fun while looking super cute and feminine.

  • One shoulder dress - our first lady rocked this look and so can you.

  • Lastly, have fun wearing colored stockings and leggings this winter. Just don't go over board with colors in the rest of your outfit!!

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