March 13, 2010

Shake your bootay and get your party on!!!

I've been in the mood to dance ALL. DAY. too bad blogger won't let me add audio or I would share some bhangra music with you guys! Anyways, i'm in dire need to find a dress. My friend is getting married end of April and I needs to find me a dress. I know, I have some time, BUT i'm so busy these days I don't want to wait till the last minute. AND I haven't really seen any nice dresses lately. HELP! I want something that's: elegant, comfortable, yet sexy. teehee
Some dreamy, beautiful dresses for inspiration:


  1. I love how flowy (sp) the blue and red dress are. I don't like the back showing part.

  2. I LOVE the red dress and the white one. blue is cute too. I actually love that both backs are showing! lol hey, even if no one sees it, I still want to look cute!
    If i had to pick one, I would buy the red one and ROCK IT. =) hahahah