March 11, 2010

Sometimes what you see is not real and what's real might not be seen...

This is why men these days have a completely distorted image of women and think that we naturally look like plastic dolls with glowing complexions and perfect curves. Get real!! The pictures you see every day and the images that our disgusting media portrays is far from what real women look like. It’s not just the men though, us women go around trying to come as close to these ‘barbie dolls’ as possible. WHY?!? Listen, my skin does NOT radiate light from within and my curves are not perfect, but I LOVE the way I look. This is what God gave me and I am HAPPY with what I got alhumdulilah. So ladies, do not let ANYONE tell you otherwise. There are a lot more important issues in life than looking like something that’s completely unnatural and computer generated. Who you are as a person and what you do for others is far more important and will last a life time. Looks will fade faster than you think.

Also, do you expect your man to look like that? No? Then why do you think you have to? Why is it that men can be hairy or greasy or smelly or God knows what else, but we still find them attractive!?!?! Because women tend to not be so superficial and are a lot more forgiving than men. Brothers please stay calm, I’m not saying it’s COMPLETELY your fault. It’s how you were brought up; it’s what the society teaches you to be the norm. Good news is that you are able to change the way you think. Trust me, it’s not that hard.

Hope this helps someone some day!! I came across the picture and just had to share.

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  1. You have spoken the truth, my sista!

    It's so true though.
    A lot of guys are so superficial and just want looks. Well looks don't last, only personality does. (Beauty is temporary).