July 22, 2011

What kind of Bride would you be?

Tis the season of weddings! Have you noticed how lately everyone and their mom is getting married?!?! Well, I have and it makes me all giddy and dreamy. I think each bride shows her personality through the kind of dress and accessories she picks for her big day. Some focus on glamour, some simplicity, and some are just simply elegant. So, what kind of Bride would YOU be? Here are some inspirations:

It's like a fairytale dress
Very bold. I love the underside design on the dress that's peaking through on purpose! Genius design.

So simple and elegant. This is my kinda dress!
Old Hollywood Glamour. 
So Chic. So Cute.
Love everything. The shoes, the Mehndi, the bottom of the dress
Such a delicate moment captured. Shoes are so important for all brides no matter which culture.
The silver in this picture screams Glitz and Glam.
Mehndi is a way to decorate your hands and feet for your big day!
Unusual Flowers for an Unusual Color
The simplicity of this picture is beautiful.
Ah. Such intense eyes. Love the black and white intensity.
Old Mughal Bride
New Indian Bride
A Master Piece
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