August 1, 2011

More Birthday lovin'

You always feel so special to get a surprise gift in the mail. I got a this fabulous "Beauty and the Bride" kit and some awesome samples from Sephora earlier today!! Samples are such a great way to try new products. Very excited to try all these goodies and maybe do a review in the near future. I know some of these products are going to be life-savers for the wedding!!! I especially love the pretty blue box and the black dust bag; both of which i'll be using for a long while for sure. 
Thank you Sadiya and Waheed!! 

Took the plastic insert out so I can use this OH SO PRETTY box to maybe store jewelry!!! 
Got this gold bag on sale at ALDO.  It looks much better in person! =)
I think Fiji bottles are so pretty. and this new organic fruit potion I got from Starbucks. 
Of course everyone loves Peter Rabbit. 
I got these on my Birthday and they are blooming so beautifully. 
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