December 14, 2011

Review: Calvin Klein Tweed Coat

Since I recently moved to a much colder state, I desperately needed a heavy coat for this winter. I looked high and low and finally decided to get the Calvin Klein Tweed coat from Macy's. Originally this coat was listed for $345, but in store it was selling for a bit less. Thankfully I waited to get home and checked online to discover that they were selling it for only $169.99!!! It stinks because now they are selling it for $149.99, but that is just how the rates fluctuates depending on when you buy your winter coats.
Calvin Klein Tweed Coat
When I got the coat in the mail, I was instantly in love with the fit and how warm it was... however, after wearing it a couple of times I realized two big cons. One, that it sheds like ayouknowwhat and secondly, the tweed part of the collar itches horribly. The top button also fell off within the first two weeks.

Ultimately, I am not satisfied with my purchase, but because of it's look and how warm it keeps me I do wear it when it's extra cold outside. Hoping that getting it dry cleaned will help with the shedding and luckily I religiously wear scarfs during the winter so, my neck won't get too itchy.

Where did you get your winter coat from and how do you like it?

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