May 27, 2011

A Review: Beautyblender

I love getting packages in the mail ESPECIALLY when it's something i've been dying to get my hands on for a while. I finally got my Beautyblender in the mail last week and I must say I am impressed.

First, let me give you some background information on this product: it looks like a cute pink egg that is used to put your liquid foundation on for a flawless airbrushed finish. Before you use it, you have to put it under water for a minute to dampen it and then squeeze the water out with a towel or with your hands. You can dip the beautyblender in your foundation like the directions say or you could put small dots of foundation on your face and then bounce the sponge in a stippling motion all over your face. Then, you get to LOVE the way your makeup looks.

My experience with it has been great so far. The sponge feels extremely springy and like nothing i've ever tried before. After you put it under water for a min it swells up twice it's original size and stays thats way even after you squeeze the water out. You should always try to wash it out after you are done putting your makeup on just for hygienic purposes... don't want any bacteria growing inside of it!!! And that would be the same for using any other sponge or a brush for your foundation. You should always wash the applicators after few uses.

One of the main cons for me would have to be the price. I got mine for $19.99 from Sephora online, but you can find it on other websites too if you google it. However, I believe the price is the same on all websites. I wish it was around $10- $15. There are some other options to get two for $25 or a cleanser with it for $35ish? I sort of wish I had gotten the two for $25. Oh well. Another tiny issue for me is how fragile it is. i've only used it for a week and a half and there is a tiny itty bitty crack right in the middle of it. I know I got it because i've washed it at least four times already, but I expected it to be bit more sturdy if i'm paying $19.99 for it!!!!! However, i'm very happy with the sponge especially because of the flawless finish it gives me. It almost looks like I have nothing on and my skin is just flawless. I don't know about you, but that's the look  I think most people go for.

Hope this helped!! Thanks and don't forget to follow my blog!! xoxo =)

Thanks and don't forget to follow my blog!! xoxo